SPC Flooring Malaysia

Over time, several new trends have been introduced to design homes. One such way to style the floors of your place is through SPC flooring. It offers you a durable and waterproof flooring method. You also get to enjoy several looks of your floor that resemble natural materials with SPC flooring in Malaysia.

What Is SPC Flooring?

SPC is short for stone plastic composite; it is designed to mimic the conventional flooring materials, such as natural wood and stone, through advanced technology. It comes in several prints and designs to make the flooring look elegant, smooth, and sleek. That is why SPC flooring has become a popular choice of flooring in Malaysia.

SPC flooring has many features as it comprises of layers, such as:

Wear Layer : It plays a crucial role in enhancing the flooring's durability by making resistant to scratches or stains. It is a transparent coating on top of the floor.

Vinyl Pattern Layer : It consists of different textures, patterns, and designs to give the floor a visually appealing look. This layer is waterproof and resembles natural materials.

SPC Core : The strength of SPC flooring comes from its rigid, stable, and waterproof core. It has a high density along with stability.

UV Layer : UV coating over the floor protects it from harsh weather conditions and keeps it clean and stain-resistant.

Backing Layer : The backing layer provides a backbone for the floor and makes it resistant to moulds.

Get The Best SPC Flooring In Malaysia

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