Korea Wallpaper in Malaysia

Do you want to embellish your home walls with exquisite patterns and stylish designs? Then, you must opt for wallpapers for their convenience and a variety of decorating options. You will find several types of wallpapers, from different countries; however, the wallpapers originated from Korea has a certain charm in their manufacturing.

Over time, Korea wallpaper in Kuala Lumpur has gained popularity for various reasons. Be it, residential customers or commercial clients, many of them have started preferring Korea wallpaper in Malaysia to the common European wallpapers. Let’s look at some of the reasons that compel people to choose Korean wallpapers.

Reason To Opt For Korea Wallpaper

Easy To Install   

Wallpaper needs to be joint accurately as per their patterns to make a seamless design. Matching and joining wallpapers is imperative for creating a refined look. It becomes a daunting task to install all the patterns appropriately, so it does not look imperfect and joins without any fault. In Korean wallpapers, all the designs and patterns are printed randomly and broadly. Hence, it does not require close detailing and can be repeated. That is why it gets easier to install Korean wallpapers.

Various Designs And Patterns

Korean wallpapers are famous for the variety of choices they present to the customers. Latest trends and innovative designs are introduced in the market once or twice a year. You can expect to find all types of designs, from traditional to contemporary, in Korean wallpaper collection through a wallpaper supplier in KL.


People prefer wallpapers over other wall décor products because they are economical and long-lasting. They last almost five to ten years; hence, they are also durable and reliable.


Another reason for the popularity of Korean wallpapers is the cost-effectiveness. It provides a more considerable value at a lesser cost while providing a greater volume of wallpaper per unit. Hence, the Korean wallpaper is suitable for bigger places, as it can provide high volumes of a wallpaper at reasonable rates. Moreover, the import rates are also quite affordable as compared to other countries.

Easy To Care

Washing the Korean wallpaper is also easy and fast. You can easily clean the dust from its surface.

Find Korea Wallpaper Supplier In Malaysia

If you are looking for Korea wallpaper supplier in Malaysia, you can visit Perfect Wall. Browse through our collection of Korean wallpaper designs and select the one that befits your choice. Being a wallpaper supplier, our products are durable and last almost 5-10 years. We have specified the dimensions along with each product. Go through our compilation of Korea Wallpaper here.


Type of Wallpaper: Vinyl Paperback (PVC)
Washable: Yes
Peelable: Yes
Good light fastness: Yes
Durability: 5 – 10 years
Country of Origin: The Republic of Korea


Width (m) : 1.06
Length (m): 15.6
Total Sqft: 177
Thickness (mm): 0.31-0.38
Weight (kg/roll): 4.8-5.6
Matching: Straight