SPC Flooring in Malaysia

Homeowners looking for new flooring types aren't going to see much difference from last year. Companies do innovate and produce new styles and colors of different flooring, but avid material seekers won't likely like the new designs. However, SPC flooring Malaysia is very trendy and has the best material, and comes in lots of different styles and colors.

What is SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is like a brand in the flooring world. SPC is actually made out of vinyl. SPC stands for stone plastic composite, and the name itself describes that it is a composite of both stone and plastic. This flooring has a rigid core and makes an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in your home. It is very similar to vinyl flooring but, there are a few important differences that you should know when it comes to SPC flooring Malaysia.
  • It has a UV topcoating. UV rays can cause alot of issues with natural hardwood flooring, but it isnt ideal for SPC boards. Planks made in the premium class come with extra protection from UV rays. Which helps it from decolorization.
  • While UV protection may not be available on all SPC flooring brands, all boards and tires contain a wear layer. This is the most crucial layer in terms of protection, and a good thick wear layer may keep your flooring looking fresh for years after it's been laid.
  • It has an Image Layer Even though SPC flooring has a distinct core, it still contains a vinyl image overlay. This provides your flooring a wood or stone appearance, and more costly companies tend to offer more realistic goods. The design or picture layer may be applied immediately to our next option in some situations.
  • The Core is made out of – This is what distinguishes SPC flooring and gives additional stability underfoot. SPC flooring is constructed out of a core of limestone and stabilizers, which gives it more stiffness. These thick boards can resist impacts that would damage normal LVP, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in your house or commercial settings.
  • It contains a backing layer. Each board has a backing layer on the bottom. Although foam is still a common choice in the budget-friendly category, it's frequently constructed of cork. A thick, high-quality backing layer might add to the cost, but it also adds comfort and insulation.

How can you install SPC flooring in your home or office?

To install an SPC floor in your home or office, you dont really need a professional. If you are good with power types of equipment like a circular saw and can withstand for hours with no back pain, then you can install them yourself. These boards fit perfectly and click with each other. While its Core is heavy, it could cause back pains if installing alone. So it's best to hire professionals who can install these floors for you. The price for installing this floor comes down to one square foot. They might even charge you more for moving furniture or doing any preliminary work.

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24 Jun 2021